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The Political Worm now available to you too

It should be advertised “as seen on TV”, but the political “worm” that we experienced during the recent Federal Leaders Debate is now unfortunately available for everyone through iPowow. Using 3G mobile or laptops, your TV viewers, stadium punters or online audience can now release their emotional response and participate live with your event, instantly. It begs the questions – what about delayed cloud technology? What percentage of an audience are actually using this live? Having worked in live TV broadcast and interactive voting, I can assure you that “instant” is not as instant as one thinks, and % of viewers can be skewed to what a client needs to hear to make something viable. I detested the worm during the Federal Debate as it failed to mirror my emotions as a female, let alone as a party supporter, giving a false representation to so many. Take it with a teaspoon of salt I say.

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