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Nationwide Insurance app

It’s not often that insurance surprises me – it’s a painful payment to make sometimes but you know if you don’t it’ll bite you on the ass a short time later. There are many apps out there (and more about that below) but the most successful ones are those that provide high utility. Enter the Nationwide Insurance app. After a car accident, it can be difficult to think clearly and remember all of the details that need to be taken care of next. This app helps Nationwide customers find local resources, document the accident and submit claims information on the spot. In addition to the other driver’s insurance and contact information, users can also store photos of the accident taken with the iPhone’s camera and automatically record the exact location of the accident using the iPhone’s built-in GPS. It’s packed with features for both members and non-members, and after a couple of not-at-fault accidents in the past 3 years, I could have really used an app like this to speed things up.

Other great utility apps include the Yellowglen Where RU? location service, Pizza Hut’s Ordering app and the St George Housefinder app.

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