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Celebrity Twitter for Charity

Now here’s an innovative concept using social media if I’ve ever seen one. TwitChange changes the world one tweet at a time by being the first-ever celebrity Twitter auction -  offering up celebrities where you bid for 3 things: be followed by their favorite celebrity on Twitter, retweeted, or mentioned by them in a special tweet!  All money goes to, which will then be able to ?nish rebuilding the Miriam Center, a home for children with cerebral palsy, severe autism and other disabilities.

As funny as this might sound, it’s certainly paid off. An eBay auction for the Justin Bieber Mega Package, described as “Justin Bieber will follow you on Twitter for a minimum of 90 days, will retweet one of your tweets and will send out a tweet including your @twitterhandle,” generated 87 bids and clocked up USD$7,600 for the pleasure – and if that’s not a big enough incentive, the charity raised a massive $531,640.25 for  Knowing how Australians have embraced Twitter, I think this would be an excellent concept for a home-based charitable event. I wonder who’ll get there first….

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