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Archive for October, 2010

Nationwide Insurance app

It’s not often that insurance surprises me – it’s a painful payment to make sometimes but you know if you don’t it’ll bite you on the ass a short time later. There are many apps out there (and more about that below) but the most successful ones are those that provide high utility. Enter the [...]

Brought to you by the word “On”

We all love a parody and now Grover from Sesame Street finds his way to take the piss out of the Old Spice ads.

Celebrity Twitter for Charity

Now here’s an innovative concept using social media if I’ve ever seen one. TwitChange changes the world one tweet at a time by being the first-ever celebrity Twitter auction – offering up celebrities where you bid for 3 things:

The Political Worm now available to you too

It should be advertised “as seen on TV”, but the political “worm” that we experienced during the recent Federal Leaders Debate is now unfortunately available for

Yellow Pages get interactive

The old tag line “let your fingers do the walking” is nicely incorporated into this interactive display campaign from Yellow Pages.