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Archive for September, 2010

Fabulous Customer Service

I was reliving the experience of my Financial Planners at Five Pillars Financial Planning to Sarah, when she suggest that I should blog about it.

You see I’ve been plagued by the worst possible customer service from several industries and suppliers lately that I reflected on what GOOD (or fabulous) customer service actually looks like.

Kevin Ferry joins Zuni

Yes, we’ve been incredibly lucky to convince Kevin Ferry to join us and take over creative direction of Zuni – covered in the press here and here – “official” release below :- Zuni have appointed Kevin Ferry as their Creative Director. Kevin has been creative director of Bullseye for the past 3 and half years. [...]

The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest

If you were a fly on the wall when I saw this the first time, you would have appreciated my facial response. This 1957 April Fool’s Day prank from British television programme Panorama, broadcast a 3 minute segment about the fabulous Swiss Spaghetti harvest. The success of the crop was attributed both to an unusually [...]

An Open Letter to all Advertising & Marketing

Everyone is not the same.

Consumers don’t always want to generate content for you.

IKEA plays Hide & Seek

There was a bit of a warning for the IKEA Richmond store (Melbourne) when a Facebook fan group posted the idea of bombarding the store for a huge…

Chat Roulette has a good use and bad use

I didn’t think it possible to have such opposite ends of the scale for uses of Chat Roulette. Let’s start with the bad…

Amercian Football Fantasy Players

Asking me of all people to watch more than 2 mins of anything related to American football is a BIG ask, but oh what a joy this is.

Federer’s Trick Shot for Gillette

When I first saw this it was at 1/2 million views, it’s now clocked up more than 6 million views!