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Breast Cancer Awareness – Magic Boobs

Warning – you will be exposed to naked boobs & partial nudity.  I’ve talked about European sexuality in the past, and when I saw this campaign, I immediately thought of how it would have been executed in Australia to achieve the same objectives. In all honesty, I don’t think it would have been executed in Australia. This Polish campaign targeting breast cancer awareness attempts to engage men around the issue – and engage they do – they let you play with some boobs – yep, grope all you like and better still, you’re encouraged to play with her boobs.  I love it. Yes, boobs have a place in the reproductive world, but let’s face it, boobs are fun, and if a little fun can lead to a medical discovery, then shouldn’t we be embracing this? Australia is so lax is so many opinions and yet we fall so far behind in the nudity stakes. We were born nude remember. Maybe they should cross this campaign with Cam Girl Barbie.

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