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Archive for August, 2010

The Influence Project

I found The Influence Project through a tweet from Ideas Culture, a crowdsourcing platform I’ve trialled a couple of times. TIP is designed to answer who are the most influencial people online right now? Don’t worry, I’m not dillusional about my position…

Outsourcing to the next level

I’ve had my first negative outsource experience using ScriptLance where a 5 day project..

Breast Cancer Awareness – Magic Boobs

Warning – you will be exposed to naked boobs & partial nudity.  I’ve talked about European sexuality in the past, and when I saw this campaign, I immediately thought of how it would have been executed in Australia to achieve the same objectives. In all honesty, I don’t think it would have been executed in [...]

London Murder Map

This London Murder Map is quite unreal to see

Cam Girl Barbie

Aged for 6+ year old girls, Mattel have released Barbie Video Girl ” – a genuine Barbie doll, featuring a hidden webcam..

Online retailers failing in customer retention

I had a dreadful customer service experience with Fujitsu last week trying to get my home air conditioner serviced. As I told them they had lost a customer, they tried …

How YouTube can go terribly wrong

Jessi Slaughter is apologizing her ass off on her 2nd posting as her father shakes his fist at the monitor …

Zuni seeking AD & Producer

This 5 month old agency is recruiting for 2 positions – an Account Director and a mid-level Producer to join the budding group

Jay Jays and Dotti Nation at Creative Showcase

Creative Showcase today was like a fashion parade, with Visual Jazz presenting their 3D Dance Off campaign for Jay Jays, and Reactive talking through their site for Dotti – both very impressive for for very different reasons, but with a common sense of an extremely high level of design and attention to detail. Sammi’s exploration [...]

My view of the iPad

I fail to see the purpose of the iPad…