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Archive for July, 2010

One Stop Shop for Cyber Safety Advice

Telstra’s one-stop-shop-for-cyber-safety-advice website was formally launched on Telstra Exchange ….

Google Doodlers

I’m always fascinated by what Google manages to do with their logo without really changing their home page at all – check out the genius….

World’s Biggest Facebook Tag

You know how you can “tag” someone in a photo on Facebook? Well the Glastonbury Festival in the UK have taken this one step further….

Facebook movie hits the big screen

If you haven’t heard already, the Facebook story, “The Social Network” is ready to take on the megaplexes on 25 November…

SOSO an IAB Finalist

I’m always talking about the achievements of SOSO and so it’s apt to raise some praise for Profero & SOSO who have been judged a finalist in the IAB Awards (Internet Advertising Bureau) in the Not-for-profit category with the Cyber Bullying Affects Real Lives campaign.

Triple M Sydney moves Julia Gillard forward

There are going to be so many of these leading up to the Federal Election I’m sure – but I found this one particularly funny….

GetUp VOTE viral piece

An interesting viral piece from GetUp raising awareness of registrations – some pretty good video work, and certainly encouraged me to go and check my registration – this will be the first election I’ve been eligible to vote in since I voted in the 1990 “Yes / No” Reform election in South Africa. I don’t [...]

Zuni Launch Party Pics

The long awaited party pics from Mike’s Zuni Launch…

ParkPatrol – my new favourite iPhone App

I doubt it will be often that i can say that a free iPhone app saved me $81, but on Friday, it was Crowdsourcing – 1 ; North Sydney Rangers – 0. My new favourite app – ParkPatrol allows you to set it at your current location, and set a period of time for it [...]