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Archive for June, 2010

Launch of Zuni Digital Agency

Zuni digital agency launches and announces it’s founding clients NRMA Motoring Services, ADMA, Napcan and recently won AIM.

Tips for managing your staff

Having managed teams of people for 9 years, I’ve had quite a bit of experience in managing most situations, some common and others completely bizarre…. there was a 22 year old girl asking for a payrise because she couldn’t afford the new watch she wanted, the guy who …

Starting a new digital agency

Getting through the day to day challenges of running a new business is invigorating, but my motivation for being part of a new agency is also about fulfilling a vision of how I think a digital agency should run, and being part of defining a working environment that is satisfying, challenging, supportive and enjoyable.

Crowd sourcing: latest buzz word or new era?

When the need arose for some creative (design) talent in our very small collaborative environment, we all looked at each other and realised that none of us…

Balloons and Dyson Air Multiplierâ„¢ fans – great viral

It’s been ages since I’ve come across a good viral campaign – which I get asked about all the time. When this was sent to me originally, there were only 310 views. Within 24 hours …

YouTube Encore

I had such a good response to the YouTube post that I thought you may enjoy a little encore of YouTube greats that didn’t make the first cut.

IT for small business: Domain name registration

There are a number of IT things you need to consider when setting up a small business. One of the first things we looked at was setting up a domain name to use for our email addresses. There are heaps of different websites where you can register a domain name. In fact if you do a Google search on “domain name registration” you get 48 million results. So where to start? See the process I went through and my top 5 providers that I’ve shortlisted.

What’s all the passion about? Part 2

Hopefully you read Part 1 of the Passion blog so that this makes sense.
Answer 2: 2 years ago my last agency was at a critical growth point of surpassing 15 employees at a sustainable speed. Mike handed me an audio book called Good to Great by Jim Collins…

Update on Quit Facebook Day

It’s been over a week since Quit Facebook Day on 31st May, so I thought I’d take a look to see what the impact was.

What’s all this passion about? Part 1

This week the word “passion” has been the answer in several situations. I used to think passion was an overrated buzzword – employing passionate people, passionate about your work, innate passion. It was only until I attended Monday night’s Insight Exchange on Crowd Sourcing that I explored the whole meaning of passion for me.