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Worlds Collide

It’s been blogged about aplenty, but I still want to have my say.

4  years ago I managed a team of under 25s which were addicted to MySpace and Facebook. As a line manager back then, I was pretty conscious of the time-wasting going on every day and had to constantly address it with the girls. Then I joined Profero and realising I didn’t have the digital assets I should have had for the role, I signed myself up. I became one of them.

Clients became ex-clients but also became friends, from their mobile number on your SIM card to your e-database, Facebook page and Twitter account. They call me on Skype, use my Hotmail, connect on LinkedIn and link to my Delicious. Suddenly, I realised my status updates were starting to cross the line.

Does my longest mate from school want to know about the Johnsons&Johnsons More Loving Moments I receive, does my client-friend really need to know how much I play Farmville and should my family in England be exposed to me having a localised bad day?

Seemingly, my personal world and my professional world are colliding. In fact, they’ve already collided. I once used Facebook as a bit of an off the cuff way to saying hello to the world and when people started noticing it a little too much, I shied away. Just another censored medium really.  I now believe that my 20 years of handwritten journal is really the only perfectly honest place that I can be.

Do I have the right to feel like I’m being socially-censored or am I self-censoring out of paranoia? I do feel concerned that my client-friend will frown on my parenting skills if our opinions clash (ie should I have given Angelique Children’s Panadol 2 days in a row to help teething pain? I mean, it’s a scientific miracle that saved me). Is it the idea of being judged that I don’t like? Or is it the idea of being judged by someone who doesn’t know me intimately? Or indeed, perhaps my family know me intimately and I still feel judged!  It’s killing me.

A great rendition here from Kevin Ferry, Creative Director at Bullseye.


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