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Archive for May, 2010

Quit Facebook Day 31st May… or not

You can find out all the reasons to quit facebook today and join in the discussions on the… wait for it… facebook fan page. Looks like the facebook adversaries can’t ignore the fact that it is still a good vehicle for communicating to the masses and gaining support – ironically they have 3,601 facebook followers.

Chat roulette virals – crossing the line?

Ever since chat roulette came about, we at Best of 3 have been thinking of how it could be used for a great marketing campaign. I must admit, I’ve never properly used chat roulette, I’ve been a bit scared to. I’m told that 9 out of 10 connections show a guy playing with himself. I have however been following how people have been using it, and more specifically how marketers have been using it. YouTube means you can experience chat roulette without having to be exposed to the, well the exposers.

Governing the country and keeping us safe

I spent the day yesterday meeting with a range of politicians, advisors and staff in Canberra talking about SOSO and looking for some government support. It was a fascinating view of the workings of government – we had some time between meetings, and went and sat in the public gallery and watched the live action [...]

Celebrating 5 Years of YouTube

In a short fortnight I’ll be celebrating my 3 month anniversary of going it alone. While I was putting the champagne in the fridge I spared a thought for YouTube who are celebrating a milestone of their own, 5 years. Looking back on 5 years of YouTube, I find myself smiling …

A deal sweetener indeed!

I was writing about Internode’s customer service when we first committed our phone & internet lines with them and I just wanted to give a little example of what I was talking about….

Our little Stanmore oasis

Some more pics

Our office move in pictures

Some photos from our office move

Worlds Collide

Seemingly, my personal world and my professional world are colliding. In fact, they’ve already collided…

Smart Online, Safe Offline wins Webby Award

A big hoorah goes out to NAPCAN and Profero for the 2009 cyber bullying campaign titled “Cyber Bullying Affects Real Lives” which has just won the People’s Choice vote in the recent Webby Awards in the category of Interactive Advertising – Rich Media: Non-Profit / Educational.

Conroy’s Internet Filter – The spawn of the devil, or the saviour of kids everywhere.

As part of a project, I’ve recently spent some time looking at all aspects of the dreaded FILTER and I thought it’d be an appropriate piece to start blogging with.
My starting position was that of most of the digital industry – anything that inhibits anything to do with free flow of information on the internet must be bad and therefore should be opposed.

Then I looked at it from the child welfare perspective – anything that inhibits the demand for child sex abuse material, and therefore potentially reduces the creation of such material and reduces the damage to kids must be good. Acknowledging the issue that there are numerous other ways that child sexual abuse material is distributed (P2P etc.), it still makes sense to shut down websites in the public domain under the principle that ALL avenues should be explored.

So the real question is :- can you do one without the other – i.e. Inhibit abuse of children whilst continuing to allow full access to the internet.