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Archive for April, 2010

Tips for starting a new agency

With so many small independent shops out there, we thought we’d try and leverage the experience of others who started on their own and have developed businesses of grandeur. There are a few stand outs for me

Fancy That – Top 10 Online Retailers

So it was only last night I posted that I saved my soul by shopping online at DealsDirect and today I’m reading my daily Smart Company news & found this lovely top 10 online retailers report, scoring DealsDirect the #1 position.

Preparing the soil

Knowing where I’m going to set up my personal space, it’s time to prepare the soil in our new garden, lay the foundations for our roots to prosper. As I’ve found with my own experimental vege patch, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the best dressed veges from Flower Power, if the soil is crap then the results are crap.

Planting just one seed leads to a garden

Hoorah for the 1st blog of our new “garden”.

Let’s start with the basics. I’m Val. If I speak about “we” there is a good chance I’m referring to my brain as a separate entity to my body. It happens a lot, so let’s be up front about it.

In a collaboration of 3 highly talented individuals where there is no pecking order, I figured I’d take the leap of faith and post the first blog (the seed) of what on earth we’re doing all together. It’s the beginning of 3 new lives for Mike, Sarah and I.